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Free 1 Hour Masterclass: how to make an online survey,

for policy advisors in small island economies

Are you a busy policy advisor living on a small island economy?

I train and coach aspiring policy advisors and policy advisors in small Island economies to create great policy notes, manage great projects and be seen as the expert in their fields so they get a better paycheck and feel on top of the game. They can then manage their career and spend more time with their families.

Do you have the following problems:

  • You miss important deadlines
  • You feel you are not always in control
  • You have many tasks to do and sometimes you forget important tasks
  • Your desk is piled with folders, you don’t always find important information
  • You run many projects with scarce resources
  • You have to collect, analyze and report on large number of data
  • You have several spreadsheets with information all over the place
  • You have a challenging boss or challenging stakeholders
  • You have to plan the future, forecast figures and discuss with people around you
If these sound familiar you have arrived at the right place.

What is this website about?

On this blog I give regular tips and share practical tricks and ideas to help you become the expert you want to be, help you to share more time with your family and help you realize your dream plans. That’s it. My contribution to your succes. I train and coach policy advisors in small island economies. At the right you see many articles with tips and tricks to help you.

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In this Free Masterclass you will learn easily:

  • How to set up an online survey step by step
  • How to make all types of questions
  • How to send this survey to your participants
  • Many tips and tricks to make your online survey succeed.

“I was struggling with a survey and you really helped me, thanks Runy”, said Jeff Daniels, policy advisor in Bahamas

I did not know that you could run online surveys for free”, Mariah Cavales, senior advisor, Santo Domingo

“Set up right away, when is the next free masterclass”, Anna Pierson, junior advisor, Barbados

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Runy Calmera, Msc. Eco.